Halkidiki Holidays: A Complete Travel Guide to Greek Getaway

10 June 2024

Halkidiki itinerary

Halkidiki, situated in the northern part of Greece, is a hidden treasure with an array of natural splendours, rich cultural heritage and countless opportunities for adventure. Whether you want to unwind on a quiet seaside or immerse yourself in the history and tradition of Halkidiki, this itinerary will give you an unforgettable experience.

And in Greece, Halkidiki has the best beach areas with clean waters. It is characterised by golden sandy beaches in Sithonia and secluded bays on the Kassandra peninsula. The beaches of Halkidiki are ideal for swimming and sunbathing and offer a variety of water sports activities that make it a hub for beach lovers.

Halkidiki is also endowed with many historical sites and artefacts. Ancient ruins, Byzantine monasteries, and traditional villages scattered throughout the region serve as proof of Greece’s vibrant past. Visit the ancient city of Olynthos, admire Mount Athos monasteries standing over breathtaking heights, or explore local traditions and customs in lovely seaside towns.

Halkidiki offers something for everyone. If you love nature, there are hiking trails through lush forests and picturesque landscapes. Adventurers can engage in kayaking and other fun activities like sailing or scuba diving. For food lovers, the area boasts some tasty recipes made from fresh ingredients found locally, including seafood.

What makes Halkidiki outstanding is it can be accessed easily from the UK because there are flights directly to nearby airports coupled with good road connections. This region has everything you need, whether you want your holidays to Halkidiki to be a romantic escape, family vacation, or journey of self-discovery.

Travel Tips for Your Halkidiki Holiday Itinerary

  • The best time to visit Halkidiki is during the summer months, from June until August. The weather is warm and sunny, ideal for beach holidays. If you want to enjoy less crowded places and cheaper prices, try May or September.
  • Getting around Halkidiki is relatively easy due to good road infrastructure and available public transport options. If you prefer doing things at your own pace with your Halkidiki itinerary, it’s recommended that you rent a car so that you can explore the region on your own. Otherwise, one can use buses or hire taxis to get around.
  • Various types of accommodation in Halkidiki are suitable for all tourists, depending on their budget and preferences. If you’re looking forward to a fancy stay, luxurious resorts and villas are in areas such as Sani, Vourvourou, or Nikiti. For budget travellers, there are affordable hotels and apartments in towns like Neos Marmaras or Pefkochori.
  • Halkidiki has numerous activities and sights for every tourist. Remember amazing beaches like Vourvourou, Sani, and Kallithea, the historic monasteries of Mount Athos, and scenic villages such as Arnaia or Ouranoupolis. Nature enthusiasts may take hiking trips, water sports events, or boat rides with their Halkidiki itinerary.
  • The local cuisine, which includes fresh seafood, Greek salads, and traditional foods like Moussaka and Souvlaki, will delight food lovers. Don’t forget to taste local wines and Ouzo and check out the vibrant nightlife in towns like Kallithea and Neos Marmaras.

You will carefully create the best Halkidiki itinerary, considering your preferences and planning.

The Perfect Halkidiki Itinerary

Halkidiki is a charming peninsula in northern Greece that seamlessly combines natural beauty, ancient history, and a rich culture. This 8-day Halkidiki itinerary guarantees an experience that cannot be easily forgotten, regardless of one’s preference. Whether relaxing or adventuring, the all-inclusive holidays to Halkidiki itinerary will captivate you.

White Tower, Thessaloniki

Day 1-2: The Historic Thessaloniki

Thessaloniki is Greece’s second-largest city. It is a lively, modern city with a rich historical background. As you plan your Halkidiki itinerary, allocate at least two days to discovering its hidden treasures and immersing yourself in Thessaloniki’s vibrant cultural life.

Start exploring the iconic White Tower, left after the Byzantine fortifications of Thessaloniki collapsed. This tower symbolises the unyielding spirit of this Greek city. Along this beautiful waterfront promenade lie numerous bars and cafes where visitors can eat local food while enjoying themselves.

One should also visit the Archeological Museum, where there are plenty of ancient relics belonging to the Macedonian Kingdom, such as Derven Krater. Agios Demetrios Church, proclaimed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, is one of the significant landmarks of Byzantine culture in Greece.

Modiano Market is another place that should be noticed. Here, people can savour Thessaloniki’s specialities through its famous street food and Bougatsa, the cream-filled pastries.

Before finishing your Halkidiki itinerary, ensure that you also explore vibrant neighbourhoods like Ladadika and Ano Poli, nestled in the narrow streets of this region. These are full of little coffee shops, boutiques, and historical landmarks.

There are many things to do in Thessaloniki, whether you want to learn about its history or simply get a feel of local life during your holidays in Halkidiki.

Kassandra Peninsula

Day 3-4: The Stunning Kassandra Peninsula

Next in your Halkidiki itinerary, get engulfed in Kassandra Peninsula’s scenic beauty and rich culture. This stunning area, which boasts unpolluted beaches, beautiful old towns, and ancient monuments, offers an unforgettable experience.

On the first day at Kassandra Peninsula, visit the lively market of Nea Potidea, which has traditional architecture. Walk around and taste some local specialities. Afterwards, move on to Cape Possidi, home to the most incredible view of the Aegean Sea. There is also an opportunity to tour Possidi Lighthouse, which has been here for ages.

En route, visit the beautiful village of Afitos, famous for its narrow streets, whitewashed houses and traditional restaurants, continuing your exploration as per the Halkidiki itinerary. In Kalandra Beach or Chrousso Beach, enjoy a pleasant afternoon on sun-kissed golden beaches with clear waters.

The second day should be spent visiting Olynthus’s ancient ruins, an outstanding archaeological treasure that brings forward the region’s historical background. Afterwards, visit Nea Skioni, which offers visitors a stroll along narrow streets with traditional buildings and excellent local cuisine.

The peninsula of Kassandra is worth checking out if you plan to spend your holidays in Halkidiki because of its beautiful scenery, rich cultural heritage and genuine friendliness. Allow yourself to drown in the atmosphere while making unforgettable memories.

Sithonia Peninsula

Day 5-6: The Charms of Sithonia Peninsula

The second leg of the Halkidiki itinerary, the Sithonia Peninsula, is a hidden gem. With its fabulous sandy beaches, picturesque villages, and breathtaking natural beauty, Sithonia is the perfect place to relax and have fun.

Sithonia has some of the best beaches in Halkidiki. They include Kavourotrypes, famous for its strange rock formations, and Toroni and Sarti, private bays. Sithonia also boasts various hiking paths. Among them are Petralona Caves, which have a panoramic view of The Aegean Sea.

Each of Sithonia’s villages is captivating in its way. Take an adventure through Nikiti, Neos Marmaras and Vourvourou traditional settlements, where you will be immersed in local culture, enjoy authentic Greek cuisine and feel the warmth of resident locals.

In addition, Sithonia offers some historical sites, such as Olynthus, a ruined ancient city, and Stavronikita Monastery, which allow you to explore the region’s history. Relaxation at the beach or an active holiday in Halkidiki itinerary; both will be possible at Sithonia.

Athos Peninsula

Day 7-8: The Scenic Athos Peninsula

The Athos Peninsula is situated in the eastern part of the Halkidiki. It is one of Greece’s unforgettable regions, characterised by beautiful nature, rich cultural heritage, and spiritual tranquillity. This region, called ‘Holy Mountain,’ hosts Mount Athos, an autonomous monastic state. UNESCO recognises it as a World Heritage Site because of its ancient monasteries and splendid landscapes.

Athos Peninsula has a long history dating back to the Byzantine era and has exceptional natural beauty. The area encompasses emerald forests and clear beaches lined up with rugged cliffs dropping into the Aegean waters. However, what makes the Athos Peninsula special is the opportunity to witness its well-preserved monastic life for centuries on Mount Athos.

While visiting the monasteries of Mount Athos is strictly regulated and limited to male visitors, there are plenty of other attractions to explore in the Athos Peninsula during your Halkidiki itinerary. These villages hint at traditional life with their tiny cottages, paved roads, and easygoing attitudes towards strangers.

Those who love outdoor activities will find lots to do, with scenic hiking trails, clear kayaking waters, and white sandy beaches just to lie down on. However, if you are interested in more cultural aspects, there are several museums and archaeological sites in this area where you can learn about its rich history.

day trips from Halkidiki

Day Tours from Halkidiki

While going for a Halkidiki holiday itinerary, you can unwind on beautiful seashores within the area. In addition, numerous day trips are available for those who want to explore the attractions further outside.

Ammouliani Island

Ammouliani is an island near Halkidiki that can be visited on a day trip. Regular boats leave from different ports. It’s a tiny paradise with picturesque villages, hidden bays, and stunning Ammouliani Beach.

Meteora Monasteries

If you are interested in history and religion, the Meteora monasteries will make for an unforgettable day tour from Halkidiki. Terrifically unique places included in UNESCO World Heritage Sites are century-old monasteries on high rocks.


Also within easy reach is the vibrant city of Thessaloniki, ideal for a day trip from Halkidiki. One of Greece’s most cosmopolitan cities, it boasts diverse museums, various archaeological sites, bustling markets, and delectable culinary experiences.

Cruising Nearby Areas

Cruising opportunities that depart from Halkidiki ports are also available. These include brief visits to neighbouring Kassandra or Sithonia peninsulas or long voyages toward Mount Athos’ monasteries or even North Aegean’s islands.

Quick Tips for a Memorable Halkidiki Holiday

Halkidiki Itinerary

Planning through this captivating region in Greece calls for crafting a Halkidiki holiday itinerary that best suits your preferences. Top spots like Sithonia beaches, Mount Athos’ historic churches, Ouranoupolis villages, and Arnaia towns offer breathtaking landscape views. While putting together your Halkidiki itinerary, get ready with sufficient time to explore some off-the-beaten-path gems and immerse yourself in the local culture.

Packing for the Halkidiki Holiday

When packing for your holidays in Halkidiki, keep the following in mind:

The Mediterranean climate necessitates lightweight and breathable clothes, while this destination’s cobblestone streets and hiking paths make comfortable shoes of paramount importance. Finally, bring your sunscreen, hat, and refillable water bottle.


Safety is paramount when visiting Halkidiki. Though it is relatively safe, one should be cautious, especially in crowded areas or off the beaten track. Familiarise yourself with local emergency numbers to keep your personal belongings secure.

With good planning and open-mindedness, holidays to Halkidiki will always remain dear to your hearts, even after leaving this magical corner of Greece.

The motivation for visiting Halkidiki is endless. It is a unique place because of its beauty, history, and friendly people. Whether you want a beach holiday, wilderness adventure, or cultural interaction, Halkidiki answers all your questions. Come take up the Halkidiki holiday package adventure this year with Travelodeal.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I get to Halkidiki?

Halkidiki is about 70 kilometres from Thessaloniki Airport, the nearest international gateway. One can drive himself using a rented car or board a taxi or bus from the airport to the desired stop in the region where he wants to stay.

Is Halkidiki suitable for families travelling with children?

Yes! There are several family-friendly resorts in Halkidiki, water parks and other activities for kids of all ages.

How is the local food at Halkidiki?

The local cuisine incorporates traditional dishes such as Moussaka, Souvlaki, and Tzatziki on one hand and fresh seafood and locally grown products on the other.

Does Halkidiki have any hiking trails?

Several hikes in Halkidiki, like the Petralona Cave Trail, Sithonia Trail, and Mount Athos Trail, offer magnificent views and outdoor sporting opportunities.

Can I rent a boat or participate in water sports in Halkidiki?

It is considered one of the most famous places for water sports lovers, so you can hire boats and jet skis or go sailing, windsurfing, and diving.